IT Infrastructure

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Monitoring of Infrastructure and Services

Modern business depends entirely on the functioning of information systems. Every day the variety of equipment, application systems, business applications, IT services used increases. Control over their operability and automation of this process, prevention of failures - proactive monitoring becomes a priority. In addition, it is important to make optimal use of available IT assets and other resources to reduce business costs and the cost of ownership of information systems.

The company's portfolio includes solutions based on BMC Software products and its own development of Zabbix extensions - Zabbix PM, which can solve the problems of both large and medium-size businesses and at the same time have an adequate cost of ownership.

ВМС Software  

BMC Software has been an undisputed leader in the development of ITIL / ITSM monitoring software and automation systems for many years. BMC Software has unrivaled experience in IT management for 20 years, supporting 92 companies on the Forbes Global 100 list and gaining recognition as the leader of the IQM Gartner Magic Quadrant over the past five years. BMC solutions provide speed, flexibility and efficiency to solve business problems in the field of service management, automation of operations and mainframes

Remedy has been a leader in ITIL / ITSM automation for many years and is fully ITIL 3.0 compliant.

BMC Discovery allows you to automatically conduct a complete inventory of existing assets, including servers, network equipment, storage systems, virtual and cloud resources, and software, as well as build relationships between them to build a service resource model.

TrueSight is specially designed for monitoring large IS and is positioned as an umbrella monitoring system that allows you to get a holistic view of the health of the company's information system of any scale. The use of advanced development tools, ready-made templates, reports and components of integration with other systems allows to minimize implementation time and get the maximum effect from the first days of ownership.

BMC TrueSight Operations - a classic system of agency monitoring of IT infrastructure objects such as servers, storage systems, databases, applications.

BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization allows you to predict future resource consumption based on trend analysis and timely initiate changes in system configurations to ensure business continuity and optimize resource use.

Zabbix PM

Zabbix is recognized as the best Open Sourse monitoring product worldwide. But, at the same time, the product requires significant time to study, refine for the most effective use. Over the last five years, using our experience of implementation and deep knowledge of the functionality of BMC Software products, we have developed our own collection of Zabbix extensions - Zabbix PM which allows:

  • To ensure the functionality of IT monitoring at the level of the best products in the industry, including proactive monitoring and identification of root causes
  • To provide monitoring of technological systems to ensure the viability of IT
  • To automate actions on events that have occurred
  • To implement auto-detection of devices and configuration auto-tuning system
  • To save automatically hardware configurations
  • To start efficient use without long time to complete
  • To implement effective visualization and reporting through integration with Grafana, Jasper
  • To integrate with ITIL / ITSM automation systems - OTRS, BMC Remedy and others
  • To integrate with messengers (Telegram, Slack etc.)
  • To integrate with cartographic services (Google maps, etc.)
  • To integrate with other monitoring systems to build an umbrella solution
  • To connect the hardware configuration backup module

We do not try to sell you free of charge products - we sell our experience and additional modules developed by us to save your time when solving business problems.

Our solutions provide a holistic view of the "health" of the system and services, excellent visualization and reporting, integration with local monitoring systems, with ITIL / ITSM automation systems, CMDB to build a resource-service model and the impact of IT infrastructure components on the “health" of services.

Our solutions provide:

For management - the opportunity to always be aware of the "health" of services.

For IT Department - obtaining the information which is really necessary, reliable, in the required amount, concentration on the main thing, free up time for the development of IS.

For users - a convenient way to solve everyday problems.

We offer services for the implementation of monitoring systems, as well as outsourcing services for full or partial monitoring and management of information systems, or individual subsystems of enterprises and organizations.